The Fitzlife Podcast

The Fitzlife Unfiltered Podcast has been a goal of ours for several years. In all that we
do and offer, we aspire to create a community, and this is no different.

We don’t have all of the answers.

We’re in constant search for answers and self-improvement every single day.

Through this podcast, our hope is to create a space where we live unapologetically and live our best lives.
It’s a space of value – personal, wellness, growth, business, relationships, mindset, and so much more.


If you can gain some value while listening, fantastic. We don’t want or expect you to agree with everything we say and personally do. But we do offer our inside and hope that we all come to this community with an open mind.

This is not surface level; we are going deep.

Nothing is off limits. Each episode will be real and unfiltered.

Love, marriage, kids, sex, business, abundance, and inspiration are covered in hopes that we can provide value to your life and maybe even the courage to chase some of your dreams that have been put on hold for far too long.

We’re answering a universal tug and pull saying to speak up and speak out.

Our goal is to empower people to have courage and not be afraid. That’s it.

Whatever you’re trying to do – start a new business online, move across the country, train for a marathon, we hope we inspire you to chase those things.

Kim and Jamie in photo frame with play buttons


Internal happiness is an inside job. No one can make you happy – not your spouse, not your kids and not your best friend. They can bring joy to your life but cannot make you happy. They can make the day or the week happier, but true internal content happiness with yourself – that is an inside job.

Our hope, prayer, and wish for you is that when you click play on each episode, you find yourself walking and standing a little taller, and hoping we can provide value to you to simply improve your life…

Here’s to inspiring and helping others…
Here’s to staying true to yourself…
A piece of you will live forever,

That is your legacy