Legacy by Kim

Legacy is not only something you are leaving behind;
it is what you also leave inside others.

My birth mother, Carol, is the reason I am here. She is the reason I am so invested in Legacy. I have two legacies to honour and build – hers and my own.

I was a choice. A difficult choice. Upon knowing she was pregnant with me and simultaneously finding her cancer had come out of remission… They chose me over treatment.

Just 11 months after I was born, my birth mother lost her fight. Physically, she was gone, yes. However, her spirit and soul fiercely never left our side. She taught me so much and still does every single day. 

When I think about my mother, I am reminded of great love. I am reminded of great sacrifice. I am reminded of great strength.

 I am reminded of motherhood and what that means and how I want to show up selflessly, impactfully, and gracefully with love every damn day. 

Legacy By Kim is a reminder that our legacies are so much of what we do, who we are, and more than anything, what we inspire others to do.

As you wear a Legacy headband, my hope is that you are reminded that you get to choose the imprint you leave in this life and you deserve to do that.

We, you and I, have impact work to do in this world. No matter your background, where you live, your story, your current situation, your job and career, we have work to do every single day.



As part of this work and in honour of my mother, we’ve created a Gift A Headband program where we gift Strength headbands to women undergoing chemotherapy and cancer treatment at absolutely no cost to them.

If that is you or maybe your friend, sister, family member, neighbour, teacher, you can submit the person’s information on the “Gift a Headband” page link below where we will select the names to receive a headband.

Here’s to inspiring and helping others…
Here’s to staying true to yourself…
A piece of you will live forever,

That is your legacy