Our hope, prayer, and wish for you is that when you say yes to working with us, you find yourself walking and standing a little taller.

Jamie and Kim

You might call us big dreamers. The truth is, we are all wildly capable of big things and we hope you find inspiration here to help you with that. and so are you. We’re sharing our life experiences in from marriage, family, to kids, and from going from corporate. employees to online business entrepreneurs in a few short years.

We are passionate about people, wellness, and entrepreneurship to wellness accountability, and this launched us into a myriad of roles and learning experiences. We became from social media influencers, successful business owners, public speakers, business mentors, from online retailers with Legacy By Kim, and new hosts with to The Fitzlife Unfiltered podcast. and everything in between with the hope to inspire you to live your best life.

All of this while growing our marriage and two tiny humans, Colby and Tessa. Nothing is ever perfect, but we are thriving through the work, the chaos, the learning, and loving the process. Hopefully, we can share with you some of our lessons, and maybe even more importantly, for you to find joy, purpose, empowerment, and courage to chase the things in your life that really light you up. Thank you for being here.


Legacy By Kim was created based on the idea that every day we get to choose the imprint we leave in this life. Legacy is so much of what we do, who we are, and more than anything, what you inspire in others to do. Our Legacy By Kim products are handmade by an amazing team located right here in Canada.

There was once a time, not that long ago, where I found myself tired, uninspired, and honestly worn out in so many ways. From a difficult childhood in which I lost my Mom shortly after my birth, to not ever feeling like enough or even loved, It was clear that I needed to put myself first. Deep at my core, I needed to truly realize my value, just like you have.

It took years, but I finally realized, my health, my big dreams, and my family first were too important to not make the changes I needed to make. I knew at a soul level that I was capable of so much more in this life and I was ready to chase it – all of it. My hope is that you do the same and when you engage in our community, listen to a podcast, or work with us, you find yourself walking and standing taller. We can all become courageous, that I have realized. My goal is to hopefully inspire you to see your worth and boldly let it guide you to the things you desire.

Jamie Fitzpatrick
Jamie Fitzpatrick

Former teacher turned serial entrepreneur, I’ve always had a strong desire to play outside the proverbial sandbox. I’m known to take action, trust my intuition, and go against the grain; it’s why business is so attractive to me. It’s a constant challenge that I relish. And with literally a second chance at life after a major heart attack, I’m not holding back. From a background in business and entrepreneurship, I’ve applied these insights to the online + social media space and have mentored leaders across the globe.

We all go through really hard times, and I’m no exception. But these times in your life help you to gain the skills needed to rise above and persevere. Through mentorship, speaking engagements, and mentorship personal growth, my hope is that I empower others to have the courage to play big and not be afraid of the things they truly want in life. My goal is to help you reach your potential in whatever space that is.

The FitzLife Podcast playing on phone
The Fitzlife Podcast

Nothing is off limits in this podcast as we share triumphs and struggles, both personally and professionally, and hope to inspire others with relatable trials and tribulations that comes with this crazy life. As a married couple and parents that also are business partners in multiple endeavours, we offer a unique perspective on life, entrepreneurship, and all that comes with it. If you want raw, here we go – love, marriage, kids, sex, business, abundance, and more! We will share what we’ve learned and consumed over decades of personal and professional growth and blend our personal experiences to share our perspectives. We appreciate you listening.


Mentoring a global online team of over 6000 new entrepreneurs over the last 6 years is by far one of our favourite and most rewarding parts of what we do. We help others to create an impactful life and business through personal wellness and wealth, both physical, mental, emotional, and financial. Nothing fires us up quite like seeing our friends and business partners gaining confidence, reaching their goals, and building an online business from their home or anywhere with wifi – the beach, kitchen table or local coffee shop. We live in a new global economy, and online business is at the cutting edge. Let us introduce you to it.


Together, with you, we focus on your personal wellness goals, but this isn’t limited to simply physical transformation. Accountability is at an all-time max as your personal coach and as a member of our ‘Live in Your Light’ Collective community, where we focus on your heart set, mindset, and soul set to become the best possible version of you.

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